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Das Grün

Das Grün

Das Grun is a recently opened vegan cafe in the very heart of Kyiv. The open loft-style is more like a dining room than a cafe without much extras. Simplicity is key with light walls, high untreated ceilings and many plants to make the place feel alive.

When asked about the cafe, the owner says it’s like a “Kantine, like in Berlin.” What is Berlin? “,” Ha-ha “- you say,” are you nuts? ” “And what about the canteen?” It’s simple, it’s a cafe, even a dining room, but in Berlin, so no barmaids in white aprons, and cherry pies. The first vegetarian canteen is almost like in Berlin. Why almost? Because our address is Illinska 20. ” We are equally confused about what this means, but it seems reasonable enough to check it out.

There are not many items on the menu yet, but you can order breakfasts all day and enjoy delicious treats like salty vegan cheesecakes or healthy flaxseed porridge. Prices in the cafe range from 90 UAH (for pita with falafel) to 165 UAH (for a dish of cauliflower with peanut sauce). You can also enjoy delicious coffee and a constantly changing dessert menu.

Das Grün

Illinska 20

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Price: $

+380 97 044 0244

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