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Expressing Longing for Life through Paintings

Expressing Longing for Life through Paintings

Within Ukraine countless talented artists pour their existence into indescribable mystic beauty, that remains in every bit of art. You mention Ivan Marchuk, Oleksandr Murashko or Tetyana Yablonska and their works naturally materialize within Ukrainian minds. Today’s painter is rather a novice one, but her works already managed to take the hearts of many.

Tetyana Artemova started uncovering her hidden knack for painting in 2014 just after retiring. After all, age is too much of a triviality to stand in the way of someone’s desires and those are desires one can freely experiment with. Ms Artemova is eager to try out many styles, techniques and genres: she draws still life, portraits, landscapes and prefers water colours, pastel and oils. When you look at those works you get the feeling like this is the combination of reality covered in something surreal. It is as if she gives real objects in our world the magic clothing of imagination and you get a bit of regret, as things in real life do not emit that safe feeling.

If you got hunger for such things, then we’d endorse you to visit the exhibition of her paintings named “With Love for Life” (З любов’ю до життя in Ukrainian). It features over 40 oeuvres filled with energy, happiness and love and it’s all for free. You can find it at the Ukrainian Culture and Arts Museum the address of which is Khoryva 19B. It is very close to Kontraktova ploshcha metro station and is open from 10.00 to 18:00.

However, you are ought to make haste as the last day of the demonstration would be July 30. Will you go for a visit? What are your favourite genres? Did this example inspire you to seek out new desires?

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