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How to Celebrate Taras Shevchenko’s Life

How to Celebrate Taras Shevchenko’s Life

Even 159 years after his death, Taras Shevchenko’s legacy flourishes. Across the country, you can find his words and artwork in homes, schools, and public buildings. During a walk in any neighbourhood, it’s not difficult to find a street or building named after the poet and artist. Plus, there are hundreds of monuments of him, in Ukraine and across the world.

Shevchenko was born on 9 March 1814 and died on 10 March 1861. To honour his life, here are a few ideas for a Taras Shevchenko-filled day.

First, pick up a copy of Kobzar or any other works by the poet. You can find one at a market, like Petrivka book market near the Pochaina (formerly Petrivka) metro, or at a store, like @knyharniaye, which has multiple locations.

Next, head to the @shevchenkomuseumkyiv (Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd 12). Here you can browse through exhibits of Shevchenko’s paintings, portraits, drawings, and manuscript copies. There are always new events and exhibitions, so even if you’ve been to the museum before, it’s worth checking out again.

Finally, go to Taras Shevchenko Park, which is across from the museum. Grab a coffee from a kiosk, then find a bench to sit on as you people-watch, read your book of Shevchenko poetry, and reflect on the impact this great artist has had.

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