Hygge – the Danish secret to a happy life

15 February 2018

Are you happy? Most Danes will say “yes” in a heartbeat.
Believe it or not, Danes were officially recognised as the happiest nation in the world three times in a row! Luckily for the rest of us, there is no big secret here. It all comes down to hygge – the art of creating happiness in the every day.
All around the world, hygge has become a synonym for Danish design, featuring a minimalist yet comfortable home interior, wood furnishings, soft blankets, and ubiquitous candles. Even though 85% of Danes can’t imagine that indescribable feeling of hygge without candles, instant hygge means much more than just curling up next to a fireplace with a cup of tea. Hygge encapsulates the whole Danish philosophy of lifestyle.
As a term, “hygge” has an endless number of meanings. The Danes use words with ‘hyg’ as the root to define a cosy and soulful home, heartfelt emotions, time with family and friends, homemade pastries, life balance, and so much more. When travelling to Denmark, don’t be surprised to hear many words with “hygge” – they all stem from happiness and a wonderful time spent.
Hygge however is not something inherent to the Danes only. You can create and live hygge in any place on earth with only one difference: your own recipe for hygge will depend on what kind of person you are and what makes you really happy. Reading to children before bedtime, baking сhocolate chip cookies, or watching black and white movies with your beloved…
It is up to you to decide how to live happily and hygge.
The What’s On recipe for hygge that will make this last bit of winter more bearable:

  1. Wait for an idyllic snowfall
  2. Light 3 caramelised candles from IKEA
  3. Put some Lviv coffee on the stove and put out some gingerbread for nibbling
  4. Press play on some Frank Sinatra
  5. Open the latest issue of What’s On

Instant hygge!


Still need help? Get in touch with Hygge Box for some hygge delivery all over Kyiv! Perfect for 8 March!
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