It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

Alina Smolina
15 May 2018

Need help getting you party pants on? These top six venues in the Ukrainian capital will be sure to whet your whistle and get you nice and warmed up for the evening’s main event – whatever and wherever that happens to be

Sichovyh Striltsiv 21
This cafe-DJ-bar with summer terrace in the centre of Kyiv will get you set to enjoy a good night out. Events here have been known to continue ‘til dawn with the best DJs, foreign guests, and famous music labels making an appearance. Best thing about this place are the original cocktails and tinctures, craft beer, food, and hookah.
Thursday – 17:00–23:00
Friday – 17:00–05:00
Saturday –  11:00–05:00
Sunday – 11:00–23:00
Entrance: 0-150 UAH
Cocktails: 60-180 UAH, homemade shots: 40 UAH, wine: 60-160 UAH, strong alcohol: 80-200 UAH, beer: from 50UAH
English-speaking staff: Yes
Wifi: Yes
FB horosho.kiev

V Zhytomyrska 25/2
The fashionable youth gather here to get into “tusovka” (party) mood. Delicious food, original cocktails, and an interesting design all add to the atmosphere.
Open: 9.00 – 2.00
It’s party time: Friday – Saturday at 20.00
Entrance: Free
Cocktails: 120UAH
English-speaking staff: Yes
Wifi: Yes
FB kosatkacafe

Antonovycha 81
Themed parties feature in this new venue in the centre, which boasts a beautiful modern interior. Having just opened its doors, this fashionable place to get together attracts trendy youth and the well-heeled.
Open: 11.00 – 23.00
It’s party time: Friday – Saturday from 20.00
Entrance: Free
Cocktails: 200 UAH
English-speaking staff: Yes
Wifi: Yes
FB NormalKyiv

Mezhyhirska 12
You’ll keep coming back for the good hookah, friendly staff, and very chill atmosphere. Good-sized tables for larger groups features, however if you want a spot on the summer terrace make sure you call ahead. The music on offer here is often deep house, which brings in a younger crowd who also don’t mind the inexpensive menu.
Open: 11.00 until the last guest
It’s party time: Friday – Saturday from 22.00
Entrance: Free
Cocktails: 90-150 UAH
English-speaking staff: Yes
Wifi: Yes
FB Sbar.kiev

Vyacheslava Lypynskoho 4
This newly-opened venue has already made space for itself on the party scene with its pleasant interior broken up into two halls. The music varies depending on the party, as does the audience, which means it “suitable for all”.
Open: 12.00 – 2.00
It’s party time: Friday – Saturday from 20.00
Entrance: Free
Cocktails: from 100 UAH
English-speaking staff: Yes
Wifi: Yes

Horyva 25/12
This is a hangout for boarders specifically, though less specific as to whether that is snow, skate, surf, or wake. As space is limited, parties tend to spill out onto the street, regardless of the music on offer, which is often an eclectic collection of rock, pop, rap, disco, and house.
Open: from 17:00 until the last guest
It’s party time: Friday from 22.00
Entrance: Free
Cocktails: from 50 UAH
English-speaking staff: Yes
Wifi: Yes
FB DoskaBar

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