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Jinjer: Heavy Metal Icons

Jinjer: Heavy Metal Icons

Jinjer is one of the most powerful metal groups in Ukraine; the pride of our heavy-metal scene some might say. In 2016, this little band from Horlivka signed a contract with Napalm Records, an Austrian independent record label focused on heavy metal and hard rock, and they are now selling out venues around the world. On 11 January of this year, Jinjer presented their most recent EP Micro. The mini-album consists of five compositions the group wrote whilst touring the US and Europe last year.

The primal growling of vocalist Tatyana Shmaylyuk, intermingled with melodic sessions, fuse together perfectly, tipping the album toward a more melodic sound without losing its raw edge and aggression. Well structured in composition and content as compared to their last full-length album, this is lyrically a very deep and layered record.

Through the lyrics, the musicians peer into a microworld, looking for the big in the small, exploring the journey and growth of the psyche, from childhood into adulthood, marking a complex new path of themes.

Along with the release of the mini-album, Jinjer are back on tour in Europe, moving on to Japan in the spring.

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