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Kharkiv Online Photo Forum

Kharkiv Online Photo Forum

Kharkiv School of Photography is a cult phenomenon that reflects Ukrainian culture in the world. We thoroughly recommend all art lovers to visit the Kharkiv Photo Forum that will be held online this year. An international scientific conference, exhibition projects, public discussions, and talks with Ukrainian and foreign experts will be available at the first interdisciplinary online forum. The expert community will analyze the significance of the School during the event

The following thematic sections of the International Scientific Conference will be presented at the forum: 

  • Kharkiv Photography: Past and Present.
  • Between West and East: Links between Ukrainian photographers.
  • Current Processes of Institutionalization of the Kharkiv School of Photography.
  • History of moving pictures. New media in Ukrainian contemporary art.

World famous Kharkiv School of Photography formed at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s and continues to impress its audience with its extraordinary style. Many prominent artists started their career in the School. Boris Mikhailov — a classic of modern photography is one of them. 

The Forum is organized by Grynyov Art Foundation and Ukrainian Contemporary Art Collectors Club with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Kharkiv Online Photo Forum

Date: 18-21 August

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