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Kids in Kyiv

Kids in Kyiv

In part three of our Kids in Kyiv feature, What’s On looks at some of the best places in Kyiv to take your kids. This month we look at sites that will be popular with your young ones


Kyivska Rus Park

Kyivska Rus Park is a reconstruction of a Kyivan Rus town centre brimming with activities for your kids. Horse shows, archery competitions, medieval fights, blacksmith and pottery workshops, museums, and more – at Kyivska Rus you’ll combine entertainment with education. Especially fun during national holidays and special events, there is also a fully licensed restaurant that overlooks the fighting area and a hotel, hostel, and campground.

Village of Kopachiv, 45 minutes south of Kyiv
Adults 150 UAH, Children 50 UAH
+380 50 385 2035


VDNKh is a massive park in Central Kyiv. Built in 1958 to celebrate Soviet greatness, at one time its many pavilions celebrated industries such as mining and agriculture. Nowadays, the park and its impressive buildings hold music festivals, travelling shows, holiday events, and other activities, including the SkyPark adventure park. It’s also a fantastic spot for a picnic!

Akademika Hlushkova Pr 1
Entrance to VDNKh is free.
70 – 500 UAH for SkyPark
+380 44 596 9116, +380 73 361 6050 for SkyPark,

Kyiv Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! What kid doesn’t like animals? And the Kyiv Zoo has plenty of them –more than 2 700 from 300 species – including rhinos, giraffes, elephants, and even crocodiles! You can travel through the different climate zones, visit Animal Island, or take your kids to the Ukrainian Farmstead, where they can interact with sheep, goats, and other animals.

Peremohy Pr 32
Adults 100 UAH, Children 5 -16  50 UAH, Children under 5 FREE
+38 0 44 277 4769

Puppet Theatre

You can’t miss this fairytale castle in the heart of Kreschatyk Park. The venue has been putting on magical performances for children for over 90 years, from Masha & the Bear to Cinderella to Baba Yaga. While most shows are in Ukrainian, some are silent or are used as English lessons for Ukrainian children. There’s even a marionette museum and Children’s Café.

Hrushevskoho 1a
80 – 150 UAH, 30 UAH for an excursion
+380 44 278 5808

National Circus of Ukraine

The circus brings out the child in all of us and few do it better than the National Circus of Ukraine. Located near the city centre in the inimitable style of Soviet circus buildings, Kyiv’s circus has a history that dates back over a century. Programs change, but each show displays wonderful acts of human achievement, inspiring awe from a bygone era. Be sure to stick around for photos with the performers after the show!

Peremohy Pl 2
100 – 590 UAH
+380 67 917 9393

Kyiv State Children’s Theatre

Located in Kyiv’s chic Podil district, this theatre has programming designed especially for kids. Opened ahead of its time in 1982, it was just the second theatre of its kind on the planet back in the day. The theatre boasts an impressive repertoire of over 50 shows, so you’re sure to find something interesting for your kids to enjoy.

Mezhyhirska 2
30 – 300 UAH
+380 44 425 4280

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