Live Music (15 April – 15 May)

16 April 2018

A Shot in the Void
Obradovic-Tixier duo (FR-HR, jazz)
20 April at 20.00
32JazzClub (Vozdvizhenskaya 32)
Despite the fact that this young duet was created only two years ago, the two have already managed to perform in 15 countries and take part in a number of music competitions. French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic bring a fresh look to musical acoustics. Their musical variety depicts eclectic forms of compositions that hold the attention of the listener, while intricate harmonies complement. It’s worth a listen, as the duo does not play on physical instruments, but on the edge of cultural perception.
800 UAH

Georgian Songstress
Nino Katamadze (GE, soul, jazz)
20 April at 19.00
International Centre of Culture and Arts (Nebesnoi Sotni Alley 1)
The powerful and wholly feminine voice of Nino Katamadze can be distinguished from thousands of others by a single sound. At the same time, the candor of her songs and heartfulness of her sound compels listeners to depths of their inner emotions. Performing together with jazz ensemble Insight, her newest and most recent in the line of coloured albums, Yellow, features this evening. Come and enjoy the ethnic sounds of a great musician!
400-2 500 UAH

Signs of Spring
Bloom Twins (UK, pop)
12 May at 19.00
Bel’Etage (Shota Rustaveli 16a)
London-based duet and twin sisters Anna and Sofia Kuprienko make music that make you want to fall in love. Born in Ukraine, the girls harmoniously complement each other with their voice and musical style, which they call “dark pop”. The Bloom Twins attracted attention early in their career and have since toured with such artists as Duran Duran, OneRepublic, LP, and Seal. Moreover, they have recorded in the same studio as Amy Winehouse.  The girls will please Kyiv listeners with tracks old and new, including their newest release in February of this year, She’s Not Me.
300-1 199 UAH

Therion (SE, symphonic metal)
15 April at 19.00
Atlas (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)
740-1 600 UAH
FB Atlas37

Ghostemane (US, hip-hop)
18 April at 20.00
Closer (Nyzhnoiurkivska 31)
890 UAH
FB closerkiev

Abbath (NO, black metal)
18 April at 19.00
Atlas (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)
720-1 600 UAH
FB Atlas37

Boombox (funk rock)
20 April at 20.00
Atlas (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)
499-2 199 UAH
FB Atlas37

Nino Katamadze (GE, soul, jazz)
20 April at 19.00
International Centre of Culture and Arts (Nebesnoi Sotni Alley 1)
400-2 500 UAH

Ingrid Arthur (US, funk, soul)
20 April at 20.00
Bel’Etage (Shota Rustaveli 16a)
300-600 UAH

Thomas Mraz (RU, hip-hop)
20 April at 20.00
Bingo (Pr Pobedy 112)
350-600 UAH

Machete (pop, rock)
21 April at 20.30
Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)
450-2 600 UAH

Dark Acoustic Festival (rock, indie)
21 April at 18.00
Teplyiy Lampoviy (Hlybochytska 72)
300 UAH
FB tepliy.lampoviy

Vopli Vidopliassova (rock)
22 April at 19.00
Freedom Event Hall (Kyrylivska 134)
300-1 000 UAH

I am waiting for you last summer (RU, indie, post rock)
22 April at 19.00
Atlas (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)
180-400 UAH
FB Atlas37

Scriptonite (RU, rap)
27 April at 20.00
Stereo Plaza (Lobanovskyi 119)
700-2 600 UAH

Dai dorogu! (BY, rock)
29 April at 19.00
Atlas (Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41)
200-400 UAH
FB Atlas37

Thirty Seconds to Mars (US, rock, post-grunge)
30 April at 20.00
Palace of Sport (Sportyvna Pl 1)
1100-4 500 UAH

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