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Mega Uber

Kyiv has become the first city in Europe to launch the pilot service UberShuttle bus. The launch was announced by Jamie Haywood, Uber Regional Manager of UK and Northern and Eastern Europe, together with Vladimir Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, and Joseph Pennington, acting deputy head of the United States Mission in Ukraine.

UberShuttle is meant to be a product that incorporates Uber technology into the urban mobile network, expanding its platform beyond just ridesharing and offering users more alternatives to owning a car. Ordering a shuttle trip through the standard Uber app, you’ll be able find other passengers travelling in the same direction so that everyone can get to their destination with fewer stops.

“Thanks to the technology we use and the high-quality cars we offer, the shuttle provides more safety, quality, and comfort to Ukrainian users,” says Haywood. “We are proud to be pioneers in launching such services in Ukraine, one of our key markets in the region, which is known for the development of digital trends and the rapid adaptation of innovative solutions for consumers.”

Since the trips are shared with other Uber passengers, the price is reasonably affordable for everyday use, while maintaining Uber standards. The cost of a trip with UberShuttle depends on the distance. Four options are available:

15 UAH for trips from 0 to 8km

20 UAH for trips from 8 to 12km

25 UAH for trips from 12 to 16km

30 UAH for trips over 16km

For example, a trip from Bereznyakov to Pechersk costs 15 UAH; from the residential complex Comfort Town to Ocean Plaza it’s 20 UAH; from Vinogradar to the Tower Business Centre – 25 UAH; and from Pravda Pr to the Ukraina shopping centre the cost is 30 UAH.

So far, two pilot routes are available: between Vinogradar to Pr Pobedy, and Darnitsya – Lybidska.

Could this be the beginning of the end to marshrutkas in Ukraine? Have you UberShuttled yet? Let us know what you think!

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