Models Change  

Anna Azarova
15 May 2018

Ukrainian talents continue to collect accolades worldwide. In April, Kharkiv-born illustrator Stanislav Senchuk showcased his own vision of a headline-making cover from a British Vogue issue.
His sketch Models Change attracted the attention of the glossy magazine’s editor-in-chief Edward Enninful OBE. Consequently, British Vogue published Senchuk’s stylised image on its Instagram page as a ‘creative reinterpretation’ of the cover that made history by featuring nine trailblazing models coming from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, religions, and classes. “The idea appealed to me,” explains Senchuk. “For the first time ever, (ed – in British Vogue’s 102-year history) a hijab-wearing model and girls of different races graced the reputable magazine’s cover.”
Senchuk’s drawing clocked plenty of reactions from British Vogue Instagram followers. Deiityg writes: “Fashion is available for everybody in the world. Doesn’t matter if you are black, white, poor, rich, or whatever.”
Not a professional artist, Senchuk is happy that the international community noticed his efforts – and not for the first time. Six months ago, his graphic design of British Vogue’s December issue also caused a stir on the high-profile edition’s Instagram account. In addition, he produced a series of Versace, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, and Valentino illustrations that obtained encouraging feedback from these brands. “Drawing is my hobby, which is gradually transforming into my career”, says Senchuk, now a third-year law student.
His ironic images boast a definitive style inspired by the fashion industry and the work of American film director, producer, artist, writer, and animator Tim Burton. “I want to turn my hobby into income to fully dedicate myself to this job,” Senchuk says, sharing his plans for the future. “I am also interested in animation.”

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