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National Museum of Chornobyl

National Museum of Chornobyl

The motto of Chornobyl museum is “Est dolendi modus, non est timendi”. Translated from Latin it means there is a limit to sadness, anxiety has no limits.  Perhaps this is the sole reason museums of tragedies exist, to educate and decrease anxiety. 

In the case of Chornobyl museum, they aim to preserve the memory of the tragic events in 1986. Not to instigate fear, but to inform. It takes a rather personal approach in doing so. Countless personal items, from uniforms to pens and ID’s are in the collection of the museum. Special attention is paid to residents who had to move. An entire room is dedicated to them and the memorial to unborn children greets you when you enter. 

It’s important to take a step back and think about just how significant this catastrophe was. It is a place of remembrance and respect to all the heroes involved.


National Museum of Chornobyl 

Khoryva 1, Podil

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