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Nozzer – A Smartwatch that Keeps You Awake

Nozzer – A Smartwatch that Keeps You Awake

On October 13, 2016, the Autumn final of the Startup Battle took place in Kyiv. After passing the qualifying battles with honor, 16 entrepreneurs from different parts of Ukraine presented their startups to experts. The Nozzer Watch project took second place. 

Sometimes staying awake is extremely important, even if you are dead tired. In these times, the Nozzer Watch can help. It is a smartwatch that sends weak electrical impulses to the brain to prevent it from falling asleep. The idea for the invention came to the Ukrainian Creator Jan Rybachenko after two of his friends were seriously injured in a car accident when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. After a few days on Indiegogo, the startup raised almost 13.5 thousand dollars – a third more than the required amount.

Work on the smartwatch has been underway since 2014. Their design is based on two small electrodes placed on the back of the dial. They send electrical impulses to the neurons, the brain processes these signals, and sleepiness is reduced. The intensity of exposure can be adjusted. The creators promise absolute safety: the signals sent do not affect internal organs and muscles – only the skin and nerves on a small area of the wrist.

The prototype of the watch was tested with participants from Kharkiv National University Karazina. Based on a study of the behavior of 30 people, it was determined that the Nozzle WATCH reduces sleepiness by an average of 70%. During the study, the effect of using the watch was noticed by all test participants.

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