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Parliament to Reconvene

Parliament to Reconvene

The date is set, on 29 August Ukraine’s newly elected Members of Parliament will gather at their new place of work. Here they come, ready or not! As has been noted, the vast majority of the folks who have been elected to create the laws of the land are newbies. The reason for this is two of the five parties who got passed the 5% threshold to be represented in parliament decided that MPs from the last convocation need not apply, such was the demand for a newer kind of politics in Ukraine.

Where this will lead us is anyone’s guess. True, new faces were needed, but the fact is that Ukraine has its most inexperienced president ever, and now the parliament is the most inexperienced ever too.  And that inexperienced parliament is set to be dominated by that same inexperienced president. What can we say? He was duly elected, as was his party, and maemo scho maemo, as they say in Ukrainian.

One thing’s for certain, this political season is unlikely to be dull!

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