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Present or Promise

Present or Promise

New Year is on its way, as are Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas. It’s time to see who’s been naughty or nice and sum up the previous year, with resolutions in tow. Is there anyone in Ukraine who has it all figured out?

Are You on Santa’s List?

As it turns out, most Ukrainians haven’t even made it to the mall yet for gift shopping and have no idea what to buy, with more than 90% of those questioned still stuck at the choosing stage. To our surprise, none of the respondents who had actually taken the time to make their list had picked a set of soaps as a gift! (A note to readers who didn’t grow up in the Soviet Union: a toiletry gift set was the gift to give back in the day. The industry will have to come up with more eye-catching promos or continue to face challenges in the 21st century). Nope. Those early Christmas shoppers – the 10% – had all picked wholly original, personalised gifts. I bet 90% of the late starters would be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Funnily enough, one of our respondents promised themselves last year to start buying presents earlier this year. But they still haven’t started. Which takes us to (failed) resolutions…

Resolution as the Solution?

When I chatted to Ukrainians about their resolutions, many said that this was THE year to stick to the resolutions they had made at the beginning of 2019. Guess how many had actually stuck to them? An overwhelming 27%! Most researchers say there are three main reasons people don`t follow through on their personal commitments around the new year: unrealistic expectations, the fact that some are all talk and no action, and waiting for that perfect right moment. If the first two are easily accomplished with proper planning and/or not lying to yourself or your friends by saying that you are going to visit the gym forty times a month, the third, well, that’s a matter of perspective. Let us just say that for those who are waiting for the right time to start that new hobby or sport – it never comes. You need to create it yourself. Starting whatever you promise yourself “tomorrow”, or “after the weekend”, has never been an effective strategy. So just get out there!

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

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