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Ptaha. The Restaurateur

Ptaha. The Restaurateur

Podil is a dining hotspot. With no exceptional cooking talents of my own, I find myself at times in the mood to live through these “gourmet experiences” that go beyond just the typical dinner I might cook myself.

I meet Ptaha (bird in Ukrainian) Kryvoshyi on a Podil corner, and joyfully waving her wings, she invites me in and promises the experience “will be cooler than eggs!”

Upon entering, the place is calm and spacy, while Insta-bloggers will find the light and comfortable terrace a perfect photo spot. Ptaha says her restaurant is a real gastro renaissance and insists on me trying her specialty first.

Burger Time

That`s right, Ostrich burger. The meat has a very beef-like quality but much leaner, which makes it a healthy burger option. The homemade bun is just delicious. A soft slice of cheddar, crunchy iceberg salad, fresh tomatoes, and my beloved pickles help bring the well-grilled ostrich meat to the level of glory most places in Kyiv can only dream about.

The chilli-powdered fries and their special sauce make for an excellent side. Bird Brothers beer is impressive with notes of chamomile.

Greetings from India

I`m not sure if there`s anything that qualifies as a “traditional tikka masala,” although I`ve always considered the dish to be genuinely Indian. Local legend says it was created in the early 1500s when Babar, a Mughal emperor, asked his Punjabi cooks to remove all the bones from his tandoori chicken. Terrified of the emperor`s anger, the cooks ensured no bones were present and served the chicken in a spicy sauce.

Whatever the story, I know Ptaha’s Chicken Tikka Masala could become a much-loved dish in Kyiv. The combination of spiciness and soft creamy notes deserves a cult following. Not to mention the light and so perfectly fluffy rice, which absorbs the fragrant and tender pieces of chicken. The thick and creamy sauce with tangy tomato flavour and a rich mix of herbs add depth to this tikka masala, preserving the traditional recipe of India. As a true fan of spicy food, I take a risk with the chilli and get a pleasant kick of heat!

Ducks Eatery

Ptaha gives pastrami its own spin with their special duck pastrami sandwich. Crunchy loaves of fresh-baked bread with notes of zucchini and cheddar are piled high with tender slices of slightly smoked homemade duck.

Make sure you try:

Chicken Liver Pate with Baked Apple 105 UAH

Peking Style Duck (Chinese recipe) 490 UAH

Ostrich Bolognese 145 UAH

Tom yam Chicken Soup 155 UAH

Banana Bakery

While the Backstreet Boys play, Ptaha’s radio give me flashbacks to my childhood, Ptaha wakes me up with one more bite of creativity. Round loaves of bread are hidden under apple and pineapple chutney, salty caramel, cold notes of ice-cream and hot chilli. This is what I call “exquisite cooking”. A Crime Bird cocktail is a perfect finish.

Ptaha`s poultry comes in many forms. And even though mama`s homemade chicken will always win your heart, this place will immerse you in childhood memories while taking you to far off places with the unusual set of ingredients in every recipe. And that`s definitely #крутіше_за_яйця.




Edible Inventory

Ostrich Burger 210 UAH
Chicken Tikka Masala with rice – 165 UAH
Duck Pastrami Sandwich 255 – UAH
Bird Brothers Chamomile Beer 75 – UAH
Banana Bread with Chutney and Ice Cream 85 – UAH
Crime Bird cocktail – 150 UAH

Total: 940 UAH

Ihorivska 5

11.00 AM – 11.00 PM
+380 96 145 8004

FB: PtahaKyiv

English Menu
English-speaking staff ✔︎
Wi-fi ✔︎
Price $$$

WO Rating ✭✭✭✭✭


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