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Taste and Soul

Taste and Soul

When you live in Ukraine you get to see it all – the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. THIS INCLUDES new restaurants, which are always like a game of Russian roulette. One hot day at the end of summer we visited Urban Grill Meat and Cider to see whether they were up to the task.

When you take the first steps into this venue you notice a fancy kitchen and beautiful design on the first floor. How much comfort is offered by those chairs and sofas below I can only imagine as I am seated on the second floor which is just as attractive, but far quieter. I feel really appreciated as a guest. Looking at the menu, it is full and rich. The hardest part is picking out which cider to try first.

C is for Cider

The servers seem ready, happy even, to help with the decision-making, providing advice where necessary and clearing the table with supersonic speed.

First things first: a set of four ciders. I opt to wait for the first course as I am a lightweight and don’t want to get drunk from the first sip. There is grapefruit, honey, lime, and elderberry with melon in this first set. Later, I check out all four, and find grapefruit to be the most interesting for me. In addition, I’ve got a lemonade to keep my tastebuds quenched, which is both tasty and refreshing, until the food arrives. We are lucky: it is rare to have so few people in this venue and the food comes almost instantly.


Edible Inventory

Cider Set #1 49 UAH
Raspberry-Mint Lemonade 67 UAH
Ribs 169 UAH
Cherry Burger 197 UAH
Shrimp in Ginger-honey Sauce 197 UAH
Waffle Cake 69 UAH


Total: 748 UAH


Grill and Meal

Okay, so you may not know that Urban Grill Meat and Cider has an impressive three-metre grill in the kitchen.

However, let me tell you that the main secret to their success is their recipe and method of preparation. These people know their business. Our ribs have arrived and they are the most delicious I’ve ever tried – more than enough meat, great crust, rich taste, and super spice (just the right amount).

The cherry burger is a novelty I am lucky to try. It has the unique taste of cherries which complement the meat and the side of iceberg salad, while the delicious cheese makes it taste that much better.

Should you opt for the use of gloves, be careful: it is not the easiest way to enjoy a meal and I am still not proficient enough so as not to drop things on the way to my mouth.

The shrimp in ginger sauce with honey are spicy, but easy on the palate, and go well with the ciders.
For dessert, we are recommended the  special waffles. I usually find this type of thing too sweet. But I am curious as they are purported to be “just like mum used to make them”. And the outcome is they are good, especially with the condensed milk sauce.

Make Sure You Try:

Christian Drouin Bouche 289 UAH

Warm Salad with Veal and Pear 168 UAH

Grill Set 899 UAH

So, what’s the conclusion?

Want to enjoy a slightly different atmosphere? Stick close to the main floor where there’s a pub zone, where service is both friendly and entertaining.

The whole experience feels really customer-focused, from the location to the checkout with QR codes for feedback. Urban Grill Meat and Cider is a place worth visiting, with great food, drinks and a friendly atmosphere.

Urban Grill Meat and Cider
Khoryva 25/12

+380 98 292 9090

FB: UrbanGrillMeatCider

The What’s On Checklist

English Menu ✔︎
English-speaking staff ✔︎
Wi-fi ✔︎
Price $ $ $

WO Rating ✭✭✭✭✭

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