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Success in the Hague!

Success in the Hague!

The International Court of Justice, a UN court based in the Hague, has just ruled to dismiss Russia’s arguments that this body does not have jurisdiction to judge a case relating to Russia’s financing of terrorism in relation to Russia’s arming and supporting the forces fighting against Ukraine in the Donbas. This is important on several levels.

Number one, Russia has been disingenuously pretending they have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine’s east since the outset. This, of course, is poppycock, and with the court having rejected Russia’s technical claim that they do not have jurisdiction (see the word “International” in the name of the court, Mr Putin?) we are now about to see evidence presented, which demonstrates, beyond any shadow of doubt, Russia’s guilt in this matter.

Second, when said evidence is presented, maybe the international press can stop using words like “separatists” and “rebels” as they are neither. The forces fighting against Ukraine are Russian led, under Russian command, following Russian orders, under Russia’s thumb, and hanging from Russia’s puppet strings. This is therefore an international conflict: Russia against Ukraine.

Third, “Russia named as state sponsor of terrorism by UN Court” (when we get there, but the evidence will show it is so) looks like a fantastic headline.

So, hats off to Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Olena Zerkal and her team for this first phase of this historic victory. Bravo.

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