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Trump that!

Trump that!

Sadly, Ukraine has become embroiled in a teeny tiny but of political scandal in the United States. For those looking for a quick catch up, here’s the Cliffs Notes… 

First off, it appears that Zelenskyy isn’t the first Ukrainian president to succumb to the demands of Donald Trump. The timeline between the first time the US agreed to provide lethal military aid to Ukraine and Ukraine dropping investigations into the actions of now convicted criminal Paul Manafort during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko looks, well, suspect.

Second, it appears that as Trump was getting his way with Zelenskyy, as is always the case with extortionists, the demands on Ukraine increased. A “request” to investigate the actions of the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden in Ukraine was the starting point (NB: there is no evidence Hunter Biden is guilty of anything other than stupidity). The ask from the White House to Bankova then increased to include a look into whether some server (“they say Crowdstrike” is a direct quote from the memorandum – NOT a transcript of the Zedlenskyy-Trump call) is located in Ukraine. This matter, however, is not only without evidence, it is an absurd conspiracy theory.

Third, when it appeared that President Zelenskyy found himself malleable enough to contort to Trump’s (very illegal) demands, which amount to asking for political assistance from a foreign country, then the hatchet men (Rudy Giuliani, Ambassador Sondland) demanded it be Zelenskyy personally (not the new prosecutor general) who would announce these “investigations”; and on CNN no less.

That’s where we are at. And all we can say in only the third president in history being faced with the impeachment process is, good luck. 

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