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The Battle for Bargains

The Battle for Bargains

Though many disastrous events throughout history have earned the nickname ‘Black Friday’, the term took on a whole new meaning in the 1980s when Americans began using it to refer to the day after Thanksgiving as the busiest shopping day in the year. The most common explanation behind the name is that it’s the first day of the year when most retailers start turning a profit – their accounts finally go ‘into the black’.

Should you opt to engage in the Black Friday frenzy, it’s important to go into it with a game plan – and we here at WO are all about helping you do just that. So, gear up and get ready to spend your entire salary in one day – Christmas is coming and it’s time to shop.

Stay Safe or Risk it All

Since 2006 there have been more than 10 Black Friday-related deaths in the US alone, and more than 100 injuries. While the chances of getting hurt whilst shopping here in Ukraine are miniscule, it’s worth having your wits about you, just in case. Of course, there is an easy way to avoid the crowds – stay at home and do your shopping online! 

Savvy shoppers should beware of online retailers like who massively drop their prices on Black Friday, only to hit you with inflated shipping charges so you end up spending more. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

There are special add-ons for browsers to check if the prices are really down on some websites, like Aliexpress.

Be aware that the best deals can disappear at the speed of light, so you will need to have quick reflexes and a fast internet connection, as well as a reliable computer. And remember that the battle for savings begins at the stroke of midnight! The brick-and-mortar stores can only extend their opening hours so much, but on the Internet the rules are there are no rules.

Here are some of our favourite Ukrainian online stores getting into the Black Friday spirit:

A bit of everything:


Parfum City

For adults:

Intim-shop Amurchik 



These couple of links will help you find even more than what you were initially looking for: and  

Don’t get lost!

If you’re ready to leave the warm nest of home and join the hordes on the high street, be careful! It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you try to take on too much. If you want to ‘catch ‘em all’ – all the bargains, that is – your best bet could be visiting a mall or department store. Study their maps and come up with a plan of attack.

These destinations have everything you need under one roof:

(Khreschatyk 38)

Dream Town
(Obolonskyi Pr 1b)

Be Reasonable

Stay hydrated, bring snacks, and don’t pick up items you don’t need just because of the price. Bring a friend along for a valuable second opinion: there is safety in numbers and more carrying power. If the queues are endless, or someone steps on your feet, try to stay zen and avoid conflicts. If anyone starts acting aggressively, just back off.

Opt Outside

In recent years, many retailers have started to reject Black Friday and the materialist culture that it upholds. American outdoor retail chain REI started the #OptOutside campaign to encourage their customers to avoid the shopping mania and spend the day in nature instead. Since the campaign launched in 2015, lots of retailers have joined the call to action and closed their doors on Black Friday, encouraging consumers to reject fast fashion and go and enjoy the great outdoors. That’s not quite the case here in Ukraine.

Black Friday can turn an ordinary shopping trip into a fun and exciting challenge. While missing out on deals can leave you with the bitter sting of disappointment, just remember to keep your feelings in check and don’t get caught up in the negativity. Because if you’re not having fun, then why even bother?

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