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The Perfect In-between Snack

The Perfect In-between Snack

While God suggests that Sunday should be a day of rest, it was those clever English who figured out that sipping on Sunday, along side a plethora of foods not necessarily served at breakfast, and not necessarily served at lunch, might be a good thing

A portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, brunch can be had in 5-star style in a couple of different locations right here in Kyiv, and the Park Kitchen at Hilton Kyiv is no exception. Bring the whole family and indulge in what is sure to be an hours-long event. 

Each brunch at the Hilton features a new gastro focus, with French, Georgian, and Seafood themes taking pride of precedence in recent months. Executive chef Shota Goderdzishvili ensures that every food station has been carefully prepared and presented, so that not only the mouth but the eyes too are treated to something special. 

In addition to whatever theme that might be going on at any given brunch, there are mainstays that appear at each event: indulge in oysters, stay for sushi, you’ll crave the caviar. And for carnivores, a whole meat station is yours along a big and beautiful backdrop of busy kitchen staff. Saving room for dessert might be difficult, but worth it, with a plethora of options right at your fingertips. And don’t forget that various wine options, sparkling wine, and a variety of cocktails come with your brunch ticket.

The big holiday event has already come and gone, but there’s another to look forward to after all the sparkle has settled.

Sunday Brunch at the Hilton
Shevchenko Blvd 30
⎯ 26 January at 12.30-16.30
2 150 UAH
+380 67 690 2353

While wrapped in luxury afforded by the Hyatt Regency Kyiv, you will enjoy hours of gatro-indulgence at its best. The Hyatt only just returns to the brunch scene after a few years’ break, but don’t let the pause fool you – with new general manager Domonik Strobil at the helm, change is afoot, and this best-loved practice of lazily sifting through Sunday is back.

Live music, a dedicated play area for children, and free parking are just the tip of the iceberg… Start the day with your choice of white or red wine, or some bubbly, move on to the fresh seafood stations and enjoy an oyster or two or 10! Sushi, salads, and Asian specialties will take you into your second and third courses, and then take a break or take to the carving station if you’re still not sated. 

Those with a lighter palette will enjoy cheeses from all around the world, and don’t forget about dessert! An additional station for the younger gourmets with gummies and fresh ice-cream will keep even the oldest of kids happy. 

The Hyatt too will have had their festive Sunday brunch by the time this issue appears in your hands, so make sure you put the January event in your calendars now!

Sunday Brunch at the Hyatt
Alla Tarasova 5
⎯ 26 January at 12.30-17.00
2 200 UAH
+380 44 581 1234

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