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The Rose, The Planets, The Prince

The Rose, The Planets, The Prince

Everybody knows the story of The Little Prince – the tale of an innocent boy who cares for a single rose. Made for children and adults alike, the story is far reaching and moving, bringing back memories of childhood and feelings of nostalgia.

That is the power of the book, but what if it took to the ballet stage? That is the painstaking task that Radu Poklitaru, the director and artistic manager for Kyiv Modern Ballet, decided to take on. Why is it a difficult task to transform this work into a ballet performance? The story of The Little Prince is not that straightforward as the core of it consists of metaphors, aphorisms and philosophical notions. To interpret it within choreography is an endeavour to not be taken lightly. It’s a bit like making a translation, where words become movement and meaning has the potential to be lost. Radu Poklitaru tries to bridge this gap with music using the compositions of a legendary prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who created his first work at the age of eight. Combined with Ukrainian lullabies performed by Mariia Pylypchak, the music creates a magical atmosphere suitable to the well love story.

The Little Prince ballet is the first work of Kyiv Modern Ballet to be shown online so you have even less reasons to miss out. So brace yourself for 21 October at 19.00 when the efforts of many talented people will culminate into a show that will fill your soul with happiness and nostalgia. 

You must register to watch the event online. They will send a link when the show starts.


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