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The Search for Craft Beer is Over

The Search for Craft Beer is Over

Looking for the best craft beers in the city? Look no further- Kedy, or Keds in English, is winning everyone over with their wide selection of local and international brews. 

Don’t know what to try first? Have a look at their handy beer map or ask the friendly wait staff for some recommendations. From Paprikator- a smoked beer with added paprika powder brewed in Hungary, to Vanilla Caramel Sneaker- a vanialla-y, chocolate-y, caramel-y stout brewed in Ukraine, decisions are not easy. Not a beer drinker? Their menu also features crisp, dry ciders and a commendable wine selection. The atmosphere is hip and relaxed- the perfect place for Friday night drinks! 

Keds Pub Kyiv (Baseina 2)
Facebook: kedspub.kyiv
Instagram: kedspub.kyiv

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