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The White Stuff

The White Stuff

White is for weddings, right? Think again. Ukrainian clothing brand TOTAL WHITE is on a mission to convince us that girls don’t need an excuse to wear white: every day is a special occasion. 

TOTAL WHITE was set up by two Ukrainian women in the Netherlands in 2017. The defining feature of their collections is the colour: absolutely everything is white. They started with bridal wear, then branched out into everyday prêt-à-porter options. Simple and chic, these pieces could be staples for any woman’s wardrobe. In case you’re wondering, all their garments are produced in Ukraine. 

Why white? The founders – who do not reveal their real names – are inspired by the mystery and symbolism of their signature colour. Pure and demanding, white invites newness into our life. It’s a blank page for the beginning of a new story. What’s more, it’s an unobtrusive colour, putting the spotlight on the wearer rather than the clothes. 

    Conscious consumption is a cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy. Wedding dresses are usually worn once and then left to gather dust at the back of the wardrobe, but TOTAL WHITE hope that their dresses will be enjoyed well beyond the big day. What’s more, as couples increasingly opt for low-key ceremonies, more brides-to-be are on the lookout for a versatile outfit that can be worn on different occasions: for example, an elegant wrap dress, or a fitted two-piece trouser suit. 

TOTAL WHITE has already won considerable fame in the Netherlands and France, and the duo are now looking to expand in Europe as well as building ties with America. The creators can proudly list several world-famous bloggers who have been photographed in their outfits, as well as Ukrainian celebrities including TV star Katya Osadcha, singer TAYANNA, and KRUTЬ, who participated in the national selection for Eurovision 2020.

White is a tricky colour as far as clothing is concerned: any defects in the construction are immediately visible. Yet TOTAL WHITE’s dresses are flawless down to the last detail, without the glue that is typical of wedding dresses (each decorative element is hand-stitched). 

Whether you’re planning your wedding, or just need a fresh start (but aren’t quite ready to say “I do”), TOTAL WHITE could be just what your wardrobe needs. 

Prices vary from UAH 2 500 up to UAH 25 000
For details, visit the site
Photo credits: TOTAL WHITE

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