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Theatre & Classical Music (November — December)

Theatre & Classical Music (November — December)

Salida Cruzada – Eight Tango Steps (UA, comedy, New Theatre on Pechersk)
17 November, 7, 8, 9, 14 December at 18.00, 19.00
Palace of Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)
“We plunge into a romance like we do into a dance. However, any dance follows a clear scheme that never fails,” says a tango instructor. Those taking tango classes seek neither scheme nor plan – they need love. Eight tango steps correspond to the stages of a relationship between men and women – an acquaintance, recognition, the first date, intimacy, and so on. What happens once the couple takes the eighth step? See it for yourselves!
200 – 250 UAH

Lords of the Elements
(UA, musical fantasy)
1 December at 19.00
National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)
Thousands of years ago, Molphars, magical keepers of water, earth, fire and air, meet at a place of power. As the dark forces’ era breaks out, the keepers are bound to keep their secrets of possessing the four elements and decide to disperse them all over the world. One day a new age of light will come and people-creators will collaborate with the elements to set up beautiful and green cities of the future. Perhaps, this time is close!
170 – 1 250 UAH

Rock Mozart Le Concert (FR, musical)
7, 8 December at 19.00
Palace of Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)
Rock, Mozart, a symphony orchestra, a choir, a rock band and seven best soloists equal a fantastic production showcasing spectacular costumes, amazing scenography and dazzling effects. One hundred actors on the stage present the story of the life, love and death of the greatest composer who can justifiably be considered the first rock musician in history. Mozart L’Opera Rock premiered in Paris in 2009. Since then millions of people have attended the show. Now its concert version is going to win us over.
200 – 1 750 UAH

The Best by Hans Zimmer
Music for cinema
18 November at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Descent 2)
100 – 500 UAH

Raymonda, World Class Ballet Stars
Featuring Natalia Matsak, Erik Murzagaliyev, Serhiy Kryvokon
20 November at 19.00
National Opera of Ukraine (Volodymyrska 50)
150 – 2 550 UAH

O Fortuna!
Grand Concert marking Puccini’s 160th anniversary
20 November at 19.00
Kyiv Conservatory (Arkhitektora Horodetskoho 1-3/11)
60 – 250 UAH

Tochka. G – Generation of Improv
Black Square Improvisation Theatre
21 November at 19.00
K. Point (Hlybochytska 72)
150 – 300 UAH

Gul Theatre premeiers modern ballet
25 November at 19.00
Molody Theatre (Prorizna 17)
80 – 500 UAH people

Tribute to Shakespeare
In the programme: Reed, Prokofiev, Dale
25 November at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Descent 2)
70 – 300 UAH

The White Crow
Rock opera
28 November at 19.00
Ivan Franko Ukrainian Drama Theatre (Ivana Franka 3)
30 – 250 UAH

Operetta Unites
In the programme: Verdi, Mozart, Kalman, Strauss, Bock, Cocciante
29 November at 19.00
Kyiv Academic Operetta Theatre (V Vasylkivska 53/3)
60 – 800 UAH

Vernissage at Andriivskyi
30 November at 19.00
Academic Drama Theatre on Podil (Andriivskyi Descent 20B)
150 UAH

Stand-up in UA: Dmytro Romanov
Comedy Club
30 November at 19.00
Palace of Culture KPI (Peremohy Ave 37)
200 – 1 050 UAH

A Man of the World
A story about Janusz Korczak
8 December at 19.00
Mala Opera (Dehtyarivska 5)
300 – 1 000 UAH

Strauss Festival Orchester
Viennese Passion Concert
9 December at 14.30, 18.00
October Palace (Nebesnoi Sotni 1)
150 – 2 250 UAH

Novecento. Good Story
Jazz-drama by composer Mike Kaufman-Portnikov
13 December at 19.00
House of Architects (B Hrinchenka 7)
150 – 350 UAH

Boris Lacks for Something
Quartet I theatre group
15, 16 December
October Palace (Nebesnoi Sotni 1)
600 – 3 999 UAH

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