Theatre (January – February)

17 January 2018

New Age Magic
The Illusionists (international, magic production)
7-11 February at 16.00, 18.00, 19.00, and 20.00
Palace Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)
This story began on Broadway with a performance showcasing tricks of the seven greatest wizards on earth. Each of them rivalling Harry Potter, their brain-blowing stunts and sophisticated acts of levitation and disappearance challenge the laws of physics and make audiences of all ages drop their jaws in wonder. For years, the show has been breaking box office records around the globe. Contemporary aesthetics and fabulous costumes lend a theatrical flavour to the miraculous production.
Tickets: 590-3 590 UAH

Ukrainian Ballad under the Spotlight
Marusya Churai (poetic drama, premiere)
9 and 10 February at 19.00
Kyiv National Operetta Theatre (V Vasylkivska 53/3)
For the first time ever, Kyiv’s Operetta Theatre stages Marusya Churai – a historical novel in verse by major contemporary Ukrainian poet and writer, Lina Kostenko. The epic and lyrical poem is considered an artistic encyclopaedia of the Ukrainian people living in the 17th century. The performance, or rather a poetic drama, conveys the spirit of the epoch through authentic music and song. Grab tickets to attend the premiere – a relevant performance responding to the demands of our modern society.
Tickets: 40-350 UAH


Want a Good Laugh?
IMPROV Workshop in English (improvisation theatre)
21 and 28 January at 13.00
ProEnglish Hub (3 Smolenska)
Improvisational comedy and real life have much more in common than it might seem. The outer world shifts on a daily basis to challenge us with unexpected twists, turns, and tangles. If you want to win a game ruled by spontaneity, unleash your creative powers through improvisation. No script, no preparation, no clue – you are the master of the moment. Remember, the best things in life are not always planned!
Tickets: 250 UAH (150 UAH for current ProEnglishers)

Push Up 1-3 – Under Pressure
Chamber play
19 January at 19.00
New Drama Theatre at Pechersk (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka 5)
Tickets: 120 UAH

Silent Movie and Jazz
Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights with score by Ukrainian pianist Pavel Ignatyev
23 January at 19.00

House of Architects (Hrinchenka 7)
Tickets: 200-300 UAH

Maria. Tangus Dei
Mystery in tango rhythm based on the Piazzolla operetta
26 January at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskyi Descent 2)
Tickets: 70-250 UAH

Girl with a Teddy Bear, or the Adolescent
Love without taboo in 2 acts, premiere
26 and 27 January at 19.00
Kyiv Academic Drama Theatre on Podil (new stage, Andriivskyi Descent 20b)
Tickets: 120-500 UAH

What Is Your Name?
Subtle French comedy
28 January at 19.00
Kyiv Conservatory (Arkhitektora Horodetskoho 1-3/11)
Tickets: 180-530 UAH

La Vida Es Asi
Tango De Verdad
29 January at 19.00
Kyiv National Operetta Theatre (V Vasylkivska 53/3)
Tickets: 200-600 UAH

Most Wanted Show
Gangster style performance, Kyiv Jazz Theatre
1 February at 19.30
European Theatre Centre Krakow (Rusanivska Naberezhna 12)
Tickets: 100-150 UAH
FB etc.krakiv

Forest Song
3D ballet, OSDC modern choreography theatre
2 February at 20.00
Kyiv Planetarium (V Vasylkivska 57/3)
Tickets: 150-350 UAH

The Fourth Sister
Black comedy in 2 acts
10 February at 19.00
Kyiv Academic Molodyi Theatre (Prorizna 17)
Tickets: 100-300 UAH

Music of Hearts
Festive show
14 February at 19.00
Kyiv National Operetta Theatre (V Vasylkivska 53/3)
Tickets: 50-500 UAH

Love Stories for Adults
14 February at 19.00
House of Officers (Mykhaila Hrushevskoho 30/1)
Tickets: 150-450 UAH
FB central.house.of.officers

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