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Top 5 News Stories 14 June

Top 5 News Stories 14 June

1. As of 18 May, Ukraine has 31 259 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Of these cases, 890 people have died while 14 385 have recovered. Link

2. Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov claims that the main cause of the increase in COVID-19 cases is a general lack of compliance with default safety regulations such as wearing masks and maintaining appropriate distances, despite relaxation of some of the greater restrictions. While it will be possible to relax the quarantine over time, the population must not let their guard down when it comes to compliance of guidelines. Rhetoric which treats the pandemic as a conspiracy theory undermines preventative measures. Link

3. Taking steps to resolve the initial crisis in Donbass, President Zelensky plans to put the issue to a vote: should Donbass be a part of Ukraine forevermore or offered dual citizenship? This referendum law has just been introduced and is being received with divided opinion. Some view the move as theoretically logical while others view it as a slippery slope setting a precedent to allow further corruption and instability. Link

4. Scientists from the United States have completed a round of animal tests in efforts to find a vaccine for COVID-19. A positive discovery demonstrates that the dose of the vaccine does not catalyze a more intense affliction with the virus, which has historically happened in other cases like with the SARS virus and patients who had weakened immune systems. The scientists will continue with the next round of tests. Link

5. Ukraine has officially become a partner of NATO and continues the process to obtain full NATO membership. This partnership promises to be mutually beneficial both to NATO and Ukraine. Link


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