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Ukrainian Bow Ties

Ukrainian Bow Ties

Looking for a traditional gift to show off to your friends when you return home? Don’t tie yourself into knots – we have just the thing for you: a Ukrainian bowtie!

Ukrainian fashion is taking the world by storm and there are perhaps no better accessories to take home than a souvenir to captivate the crowd at your next big event than a Ukrainian bowtie. Whether you choose one featuring one of Ukraine’s distinctive and colourful vyshyvka (embroidered) designs or go for something a little more radical – like the wooden bowties taking the hipster scene by storm – you’re sure to find one that is just right for you or your loved one. Heck – if you don’t, you can always get one made. Plenty of stores design custom prints, featuring logos, pictures, or anything else you might want to see around your neck.

As a staple at Ukrainian fashion events, you shouldn’t have any problems finding an incomparable Ukrainian bowtie. Most fashion brands feature their own premium lines, while department stores like Vsi. Vsoi and street markets like Kyiv’s famed souvenir market on Andriivskiy Uzviz offer more economical and “touristy” types.

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