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Ukrainian Scratch Maps

Ukrainian Scratch Maps

Looking for a cool gift to show off to your friends about your trip to Ukraine when you return home? Why don’t we ‘map’ it out for you.

Even if you’ve seen these elsewhere, you won’t be able to find the selection you can in Ukraine – be it map, theme, or style. On a trip around Europe? Get a map of Europe. Travelling around Ukraine? Pick up a map of Ukraine. Headed to the Carpathian Mountains? There’s a map for that too. Know someone who has done it all? Pick up the ‘100 Things to Do Before You Die’ map. Don’t worry – they come in all sizes and colours.

Most maps come with a list of places to see – and it can be addictive to try to collect them all.

If you’re headed to Rivne oblast, don’t forget the ‘Tunnel of Love’. Onwards to the Khmelnytskyi oblast? Drop in on the Kamyanets-Podilsky fortress. Checking out Poltava? Be sure to try the halushky. And when you get back, don’t forget to scratch the adventure off your map!

Black and gold. Blue and silver. Multicoloured. You can find them at stores across Kyiv and they retail for less than 500 UAH. While there are many brands, Travel Map ( and have excellent selections.

So, if you want a gift that will always remind you about your time in Ukraine – or if you’re just looking to “chart” your course for next year, go and grab yourself a Ukrainian scratch map today!

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