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V is for Valentine’s Day

V is for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and this is not a drill! I repeat – this is not a drill!

If this is not your first year in a romantic relationship you may have already started running out of ideas on how to survive this romantic celebration. Or, perhaps you are only starting out on your path toward romantic adventures. Lost and confused? Don’t you worry, friends, What’s On is here to help you out.


Of course, one of the most popular places to go on such a romantic day is the Bridge of Lovers, also known as the Park Bridge. The bridge was built in 1910 to connect two of the most popular parks of Kyiv. It was renovated in 1983, so the look and feel isn’t necessarily the same as it appeared more than 100 years ago. Though, to be honest, the initial build wasn’t meant to symbolise romance and love, so much as convenience. Nonetheless, it has become so thanks to the uniquely beautiful view, and lovers of all ages can be seen holding hands along its length.

A Monument to Everlasting Love was erected in 2013, the affection and drama of which captures the heart of every person who hears the tale. The story goes like this: Luigi Pedutto was an Italian Prisoner of War and Mokryna Yurzuk was a Ukrainian forced labourer who both met in a concentration camp in 1943. She brought him food, he sewed hats and clothes. Liberated in 1945, the camp was dispersed, and Yurzuk sent back to Ukraine along with their daughter. Pedutto was not allowed to join her.

Sixty years passed. The two both married and had other children, but the story goes that neither forgot about the other or stopped loving each other, reuniting in 2004 on Russian television programme, Wait for Me. Next to the monument erected in honour of these two long lost lovers, younger couples hang their locks and ribbons on the railings. Here you can hang them for free. In Florence, Italy, however, you can be fined up to 50 EUR for leaving any memento of affection so maybe stick around Kyiv this Valentine’s Day.

How to get there: head through Mariinsky Park from Arsenalna metro station, or head up towards the palace from the Arch of Friendship.


You must be thinking by now: “great, so many places to go, but what about the gift?” Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! The Valentine’s Day market-fair is returning the first week of February, to give you ample opportunity to find that perfect gift. Everything you can imagine from handmade souvenirs, to clothing, footwear, tablewear, cosmetics, books, food, and more is waiting. Just make sure you bring your wallet and hope that you don’t bump into your other half while shopping!


7-9 February
Kyiv City House of Nature (Rognidinska 3)

Giving flowers? Red, like in most countries, is the colour of choice. Just make you keep it an uneven number – even numbers are for funerals!

7 spots for you (and your tummy) to find love this Valentine’s Day

Honey Café
European cuisine with a large selection of desserts and dishes for vegetarians
Yaroslaviv Val 20, Tsum 6th floor,
Nyzhniy Val 19/21
English menu +
Price $$
+38 067 127 1921

Panna Pasticceria
Always fresh pastries, classic and modern Italian desserts, homemade pasta and ravioli, with cheese and meat from various provinces in Italy
Velyka Zhytomyrska 6/11
English menu +
Price $$
+38 093 757 7577

Milk Bar
New American classic cuisine and unexpected attractive combinations in the best desserts
Shota Rustaveli 16
English menu +
Price $$
+38 044 237 0907

Kyiv Paris
A fabulous French restaurant with great selection of snacks, cocktails, and classic French cuisine
Sichovykh Striltsiv 10
English menu +
Price $$
+38 044 272 2003

European cuisine in a unique location with a beautiful view of the lake
Academika Hlushkova 1
English menu +
Price $$
+38 044 526 9990

Combining wine and the most appreciated tastes of the nation – Kyiv’s best Indonesian restaurant hands down
Velyka Vasylkivska 82
English menu +
Price $$$
+38 097 824 6453

One of Kyiv’s best fish restaurants with a bright and fresh European take on traditional dishes
Vozdvyzhenska 21-23
English menu +
Price $$
+38 097 121 3131

Want to celebrate a little more simply? Take him or her out for a romantic dinner. There are lots of venues to choose from Kyiv


Want the view while staying warm in the process? Then this option, complete with cocktails and music, will please even the most unpleasant weather humbug! As long as he or she isn’t afraid of heights! All the action takes place on the 17th floor, with panoramic views and musicians from London and LA who will fly you to the moon! Cocktails will help you truly relax and enjoy the evening with your beloved. Remember: get your tickets in advance
14 February at 19.00
IQ Business Center (Bolsunovska 13-15)


Thinking that staying active is a better way to spend the day? Then prepare your legs, because boy, oh boy, you’re going to need them! Hold on, before you go ‘there’, read on, as Love Angels is organizing a public ski tour for two nights and three days to Drahobrat. That’s right, skiing – what did you think we were talking about..? Organisers are even promising prizes for the loveliest couple, so make sure you book in advance because tickets are selling quick. The weekend includes transportation, hotel, meals, lessons (if needed), and a whole lot of fun.
13-17 February

This Valentine’s Day, make sure you take time to spend on the Bridge of Lovers. Don’t forget your lock, adorned with your names and any item that makes it yours. Then take part in the adventure “try and find a free spot to hang it”. Good luck!

Easy events in Kyiv to take in and enjoy with your sweetheart this 14 February

Contemporary Choreographic Masterpieces (CZ, FR, GE)
13, 14 February at 19.00
International Centre of Culture and Arts (Nebesnoi Sotni 1)
250 – 2 100 UAH

Years & Years (UK, electro-pop)
14 February at 20.00
Stereo Plaza (Lobanovskoho 119)
990 UAH

Gustav Klimt. Life and creativity in paintings
14 February at 19.00
Inveria Flow Space (Volodymyrska 49a)
600 UAH

14 February at 20.00
Caribbean Club (Symona Petlyury 4)
490 – 1 950 UAH

Tango Lovers – music by A. Piazzolla feat Kyiv Quartet of Saxophonists
14 February at 19.00
National Philharmonic of Ukraine (Volodymyrskiy Uzviz 2)
80-450 UAH

Notre Dame De Paris – Le Concert (FR, musical)
14-18 February at 19.00
Palace of Ukraine (V Vasylkivska 103)
200 – 2 250 UAH

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