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Visiting Ukraine During the Pandemic: What a Foreigner Needs to Know

Visiting Ukraine During the Pandemic: What a Foreigner Needs to Know

Unfortunately, travelling can’t be as spontaneous as it used to be. In the face of the current worldwide situation, it is best to learn as much as you can about a country before arriving – like who can enter and what rules apply. 

Lucky for us, Ukraine has simplified this process with the creation VISIT Ukraine Today, a newly launched comprehensive website that contains all the necessary information in English.  

Travellers will find answers to their many questions and concerns, like: 

-What do you need to know when crossing the borders to Ukraine, either by land or by air;

-What restrictions are in place for public transports, public areas, hotels or dining options;

-What is the difference between Green Zone and Red Zone countries and if you will need to quarantine;

-What is the mobile application Dii Vdoma (to quarantine at home);

-How can you get a health insurance policy that covers COVID-19;

VISIT Ukraine provides tourists with daily updated information and a hotline number to call

The European Union did not open up borders with Ukraine on 1 July, as we had expected. Nonetheless, Ukraine is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world, says the newly launched Association of Incoming Tour Operators of Ukraine – a non-profit public organisation that includes 30 leading national tour operators. 

“We would like to show that we are ready like never before – with concern for safety and with new, interesting tours,” says AITO. They also created an English-language video showcasing the health and safety recommendations implemented in Ukraine. 

Watch the video, follow the recommendations, pack your bags, and come visit Ukraine!

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