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Yizh Cafe

Yizh Cafe

Yizh or їж (or їzh) literally translates from Ukrainian to English as eating.

The Golden Gate of Kyiv, it’s where Yaroslav the Wise hung up his hat and declared the centre of the Kyivan Rus’ empire. A thousand years later, but less than 100 metres away, the laidback eatery Yizh Café is making similar historic strides with their innovative take on an old classic – the sandwich.

How can you revolutionise a sandwich I hear you ask! Well the secret is in the bread, or should I say the lack thereof. People have been making sandwiches with bread for years, you could say it’s one of the defining features of a sandwich. But this did not impede the geniuses at Yizh from thinking outside the box and coming up with their iconic waffle sandwich.

I’ll admit, before trying the waffle sandwich I was apprehensive of it being another version of the freakshake (googling freakshake alone might spike your blood sugar) – but this waffley concoction works surprisingly well. The waffles are freshly cooked, light and fluffy, acting as the perfect bed for tender honey roasted chicken, crisp salad, finished off with a light drizzle of mustard dressing.

Yizh Café offers four kinds of waffle sandwich: beef, chicken, fish, and tofu, or breakfast, as well as a selection of salad bowls, loaded fries, soups, and desserts. If you’re heading for an evening bite, or want to enjoy a daytime drink (no judgement), the craft beer is a perfect match.

Newly opened, the ambience is casual and the staff are very friendly, a perfect spot for grabbing a quick lunch. Drawing on its street food vibe, the café has an open kitchen, which offers the unparalleled win of dinner and a show. Finally, the food to go is not only convenient, but all the packaging is biodegradable, meaning you can maintain your #zerowaste status, even when you’re in a rush.

Yizh Cafe
Zolotovoritska 2/3
11.00 – 23.00 (weekdays)
12.00 – 02.00 (weekends)

The What’s On check list
English-speaking staff
Price $$
Location – Excellent
WO Rating ★★★★★

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