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Zavoz from MOZ

Zavoz from MOZ

In early July, MOZ (the Ukrainian Ministry of Health) began work on a project to provide new sanitary recommendations for the country. We thought we’d give you a heads-up about what may be in store.

Your winter footwear can breathe a sigh of relief: this winter will be much kinder to your boots. The ubiquitous salt-sand mix has now been banned from use: instead, roads will be covered in granite dust and 7% salt. It is reusable, economical, ecological, and shoe-sparing. It should also be good for our furry friends who aren’t so keen on shoes (i.e. dogs and other pets).

Have you ever made a mad dash round the park, desperately searching for a toilet? Then you’ll be pleased with this next item too: more toilets are planned for public places. What’s more, each toilet will be required to provide a baby changing table and drinking water.

Recycling is finally here, and that means more bins; one every 60 metres, to be precise. This should keep parks neat and tidy. Now, what about punishment for people who continue to throw litter on the ground regardless?

Tree-pruning (previously valued for its ‘rejuvenating’ effect) is now forbidden, as is planting bushes and plants with barbed twigs or poisonous leaves and fruits. This makes the world a little safer for animals and kids. Plus, burning leaves is now a no-no, so we’re all going to breathe easier in the autumn.

One of the last big changes is about inclusivity: authorities are looking to provide ramps and lifts for wheelchairs and prams at various underground pedestrian crossings.

In order to make sure these proposals are universally suitable meetings are currently being held with stakeholders with the projected regulations under scrutiny. If you have an opinion on the matter, there is still an opportunity for your questions and concerns to be heard (and the ministry may well extend the deadline for this). Go ahead and let them know what you think. Further details can be found at

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