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Alina Tsebro: The Art Of Application

Alina Tsebro: The Art Of Application

Alina Tsebro is an artist from Poltava who creates amazing pictures by cutting out small pieces from magazines. With simple everyday things like scissors, paper and glue, she can create (or recreate) unforgettable masterpieces.


The idea of making pictures from magazine clippings came to her when she wanted to reproduce one of Van Gogh’s paintings. Alina spent half of the year creating her first picture without a drop of paint. The artist named her technique as “zhyvoklei”, as painting in Ukrainian is “zhyvopys” and “klei” stands for glue. 


Now it takes her from one to several days to create a small collage-painting. All of the pictures consist of thousands of small pieces combined by color to make a stunning creation. Alina has been making applications for eight years and has amassed an impressive collection.


Alina Tsebro also paints in oils and acrylics. She regularly holds exhibitions in her native town of Poltava. This talented woman deserves world recognition for the beauty she brings into it. We are proud of our Ukrainian talents.


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