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Places Worth Visiting this October

Places Worth Visiting this October

Autumn may be setting in but you can still find ways to warm up your mood!


If you missed the opening of the new multifunctional Octo Tower and haven’t yet heard about the recently-launched interactive Science Museum, we have prepared a recap on why these places are worth visiting this October.


Science Museum

VDNH, pavilion 23 (Akademika Hlushkova 1)


Tickets 100 UAH – adults, 50 UAH – children

The Science Museum is an ideal place both for children and adults. Its motto is “You can look, and you should touch”. Being the first interactive state museum is a tremendous responsibility, but according to visitors’ social media reactions, the Science Museum is a total blast. It is situated in the renovated pavilion of Science at VDNH, which was once used for various exhibitions many decades ago. The museum’s space hosts over 100 interactive pieces within five different thematic zones: Strange Matter, Acoustics, Human, Optics, and Great Inventions.

So, what are the top pieces to check out?
Well, if you’ve always thought a bicycle should be on two round wheels, the American scientists from the National Museum of Mathematics will prove you wrong. The museum has one of four square-wheeled tricycles in the world; the other three are in New York, Singapore, and Rio de Janeiro. Here, you will learn about the principals of how square-shaped wheels can do their job, and what’s more – you’ll even be able to ride one. 

However, one of the most fascinating things to see lies above your head. The pavilion’s ceiling is the biggest interactive art piece of the exhibition and it changes colour according to visitors’ answers to the thematic test. After you’ve ridden the tricycle and learnt a great deal about colours – it’s time to move to the Strange Matter zone. Here you are allowed to do whatever it takes to examine the properties of different matters. You can touch, move, and squeeze objects and even smash a bowling ball into a glass wall to inspect its durability.

To keep all visitors safe, the Science Museum has introduced a pre-booking system to manage its capacity, so you will need to plan and book your ticket online in advance. 


OCTO Tower

Mechnikova 5

Facebook @octotower

Instagram @octotower

OCTO Tower is a 6-floor structure that was established by Blur Coffee creators. This place is not your usual coffee spot; each floor is dedicated to a different activity. Here you can discover and buy coffee from several Ukrainian roasteries, attend OCTO school courses, rent out a photo studio, work on your projects, and network with coffee lovers. Space’s design is minimalistic with cute phrases scribbled on the walls – it’s super chic. 

So, what should you try?

We recommend the Combo Coffee Sets. They were created to help expand your coffee taste palate by giving you the chance to try two drinks made from two different coffee beans or two drinks made using two different brewing methods. OCTO Tower also has an in-house bakery that will delight you with its yummy croissants and cakes.

No matter how moody and rainy the autumn weather is, there are people and places which will brighten up your day. 

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