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Art and Design at ZLAM Breaks the Boundaries of Ordinary

Art and Design at ZLAM Breaks the Boundaries of Ordinary

Reknowned Ukrainian designers and contemporary painters, most of which who are residents of the mysterious gallery “TSEKH gallery“, have united for this historical collaboration: ZLAM: art meets design.

The ZLAM art event will take place in the D.HUB exhibition space from 27 August to  13 September 2020. The idea behind the exhibition is to reflect on the impact of moments of transition in the work of artists and subject designers. Well-known Ukrainian interior designer Yuriy Zymenko became the main designer of the ZLAM exhibition. With the help of light, the use of colors, sound and visual effects, Yuri creates an atmosphere suited to the location.

Each of the exhibits has a feature. For example, the work “Forest” by artist Nikolai Belous is four meters high and is one of the tallest paintings. You can also see Yuri Zymenko’s wardrobe from the Numbers Game collection, which exists in a single copy. The brass figures were carved by hand, as well as the special niches for them. Also, viewers will see some live works for the first time. Rustam Mirzoev’s painting “Heat”, which comes from a private collection,  and you can see chairs by Sviatoslav Bubble and Dmitry Sivak work “Yellow Brick”.

During the exhibition on D.HUB Square there will be excursions, lectures by Ukrainian designers, screening of the author’s film about the artist Mykola Bilous who invented a unique method of color harmonization, discussions between designers, art critics, as well as gallery owners

Where: D.HUB creative space, Stolichnoe shosse, 101, Domosfera shopping centre, the 3rd floor

When: 27.08-13.09.20

Time: 10:00-20:00

More information about the ZLAM exhibition is on the event page on Facebook page  and on their website


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