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Brand With Philosophy

Brand With Philosophy

Proskurovskaya design brand has a philosophy: Do not look at other designers, so as not to repeat themselves; to develop manual finishing skills at the factory level; to invent a unique seam for maximum strength and to create a new kind of shoe.

“At first I sewed a lot of clothes, since the age of 9 I was already working on a machine. I quickly reached a high level and realized that everything was simple for me here,” recalls Maria Proskurovskaya. As a young  girl she took up stationary making notebooks and business cards. Working with paper taught her patience and geometric accuracy so that hand-made things looked original in design, but were well manufactured: “I don’t like it when manual work is visible, everything needs to be brought to the factory level.”

Once she had developed the necessary skills, Maria decided to master a new material – leather.

Maria Proskurovskaya sews leather purses, bags and shoes under her name. The design is based on a small palette of eight basic colors, straight lines, ergonomics and a sophisticated cut, which is designed to make the product durable.

Even though she does not consider herself as part of the fashion industry, Proskurovskaya participated in two shows of Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days and has three independent collections. She sews her shoes herself and prefers not to look at the work of other artists. The result is “movers” (leather shoes – Ed.) And plastic shoppers (transparent shopping bags – Ed.).

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