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Don’t Miss the Opening of this New Cultural Place “Gorodok Gallery”

Don’t Miss the Opening of this New Cultural Place “Gorodok Gallery”

Leonora Yanko and Lera Litvinova are known for their gallery activities and the creation of non-standard art zones in various locations. Their new project features more than 50 paintings and in an alternative artistic atmosphere: a shopping center  called “Gorodok Gallery“. .

The official presentation will take place on 3 August, 2020 at 17:30 p.m. at the address: Gorodok Gallery Shopping Center, Stepana Bandery, 23, 2nd floor (food court landmark).

The exhibition in new art-space will go on from 3 August, till 1 November, 2020 year.

General Director of Gorodok Gallery Andriy Priplavko, said about the project: “Gorodok Gallery has its own unique history and a wide audience of visitors, and we are glad that there is an opportunity to create a new kind of leisure for visitors to the shopping center.  The role of art cannot be overestimated.  The paintings presented in the project give inspiration, a feeling of joy and happiness.”

Leonora Janko, art critic and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery claimed: “Art goes beyond galleries and museums, it is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives.  Sculptures and installations on the streets, art zones and galleries in houses and neighborhoods, paintings on clothing and much more – this is a clear manifestation of human needs in deeper senses, spiritual food, the desire for a new level of social and cultural communication.”

The first project of the “Cultural Place” is an exhibition of works by Lubomyr Martyniuk “Flower Retreat”.  Large-scale floral still lifes and life-affirming landscapes in the modern space of the mall, reminiscent of the eternal aesthetics of nature.  At the exhibition you can see large-scale canvases, reaching 2 m and impressive expressive implementation.

Lubomyr Martyniuk is an artist with extensive experience and a creative resume that includes more than 10 museum exhibitions.  His works have been presented in many European countries, including: Great Britain, France, and Germany.  The artist’s paintings are in collections in many countries, including Britain, China, France, the United States, Canada and others.  The works are made in the technique of “impasto” – thick, sculptural strokes of oil paint on the canvas convey a living play of light and color.  This technique was used in his work by the Impressionists and also the famous Vincent Van Gogh, so the image in the paintings looks very expressive, conveying the feelings and emotions of the artist at the time of creation.

In addition to regular exhibitions in Ukraine, Lera Litvinova Gallery implements art projects abroad.  The art space includes numerous exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Brussels, Bruges, Luxembourg, cooperation with museums, embassies and cultural missions of different countries. The gallery actively implements the principle of cultural diplomacy to strengthen cultural ties at the international level.

The exposition covers 45,000 square meters.  The exhibition is open daily, including weekends. Entrance is FREE.

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