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Is it a flower? Is it an animal? It’s both! 

Is it a flower? Is it an animal? It’s both! 

Ukrainian Summer is full of sunshine, ice cream and lush greenery, but there is one special place in Kyiv where countless flowers are gathered in one place to represent nature at its peak – Spivoche Pole (Співоче Поле in Ukrainian), which hosts the annual flower exhibition. Florists work tirelessly to put together more than 200 000 flowers, ready to satisfy both your visual and olfactory senses.
After the cancelation of the promising spring tulips exposition due to the  pandemic situation, we think these gardens are exceptionally worth the visit, especially because Nove Spivoche Pole has a trick up its sleeve – animal topiaries. That is why the 2020 name for this venue is “Floral safari” (квіткове сафарі in Ukrainian). The park is filled with countless green 3D statues of lions, horses, bunnies, rhinos, kangaroos, and plenty of other animals. We bet you can’t resist taking a selfie with Bambi standing in the centre of a flower circle.

So how do you actually get there? The best route would be to take the subway to Arsenalna and walk fifteen minutes to reach Lavrska St 33. The entry fee is 100 UAH for adults and 25 UAH for kids. It’s also FREE for those below 7 years old and for citizens on benefits. You can get a ticket at the entrance but it’s better to buy it online to avoid crowds: link
If you’re looking for more information then we recommend following on the official Facebook page and here is the official site  and Facebook page.

Feel free to take your time, as the event is available until 26 July 2020 from 10:00 to 20:00 with no days off. Also, don’t forget to take a mask.

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