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Top 3 Local Swimwear Designers

Top 3 Local Swimwear Designers

Don’t let a little thing like travel restrictions get in the way of your beach season. Even if you aren’t going to the seaside yet, catch the summery vibe with a new swimsuit. And what better way to buy than local? 

In recent years, Ukrainian beachwear brands have multiplied in number – today you can find swimsuits to suit every taste, and Ukrainian manufacturers are a cut above the mass market when it comes to quality, price, and range. If you’re seeking a natural look, a focus on quality, and sustainable production values, then Ukrainian-made is the way to go.

What’s On Kyiv has picked three standout Ukrainian swimwear designers, whose collections cover all the key trends: bright colours, solid swimsuits, high-rise swimming trunks, and even bodices with decorative ruffles.



Stylish? …Hot? …Elegant? The name U-R-S-O couldn’t be more apt: these are the opening words to all the best compliments, and you’ll undoubtedly be receiving a lot of those when you strut your stuff in this brand’s swimwear. Their one-piece and two-piece designs strike the perfect balance of flirtiness, convenience, and beauty. There’s also a tankini for watersports fans (the brand does underwear too). All their swimwear is made from recycled Econyl material (created using plastic and fishing nets collected in the oceans), so U-R-S-O scores points for eco-consciousness too.

Price range: 780 3 000 UAH

Where to buy

Instagram: @urso_garment

Fox Lingerie 

Fox Lingerie makes modern, feminine underwear and swimwear. Its creators’ mission? “We want to teach women, first of all, to love themselves. Appreciate yourself. And then through yourself, to love the world around you.” The collection is defined by bright colours and unusual styles that will make you feel bold and liberated. Why not choose a swimsuit with lacing in the cleavage area or on the back? For a playful, coquettish look, choose between knitted elements, sequins, flounces, tassels, and ruffles on the hips and decolletage area. You’ll find both one-piece and two-piece garments (parts can also be bought separately). 

Price range: 600 2200 UAH

Where to buy

Instagram: @fox_lingerie


“We tried to do without everything in the summer. Nothing happened without a beautiful swimsuit.” At Kotovich, you’ll find understated swimwear that will not distract attention from the wearer. Simple colours, beautiful shapes and details – this is absolute minimalism, complemented by discreet ruffles, ties, and thin straps. The designs are available in muted shades, with thoughtful details that will flatter any type of figure. You could even consider complementing your look with a transparent cape. 

Price range: 1100 1400 UAH

Where to buy

Instagram: @kotovich_lingerie 

Across these three diverse collections, you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy. Whether you’re into eco-conscious designs, sequins, or muted colours, remember that the most important thing is how you feel in your swimsuit. After the long winter and lockdown, now is the time to rock your beach look and feel like a goddess!

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