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Kyiv Subway is Finally on the Go

Kyiv Subway is Finally on the Go

After two long months, the government has decided to resume the work of the subway. This is a big sign that Ukraine is gradually and smoothly recovering from the quarantine. The results of the working metro can already be noticed as it is the main factor that helps to alleviate the traffic situation in the city. Kyiv is an immense city, and the capital status surely calls for traffic issues, especially during COVID-19.

Plus, not everyone can afford having a vehicle, and public transport still has some limitations, so the subway opening up is rather a necessity. However, there is a list of rules one has to consult before entering a station, due to the fact that the quarantine is yet to be over. We find it paramount for our readers to be informed, so here is the list of these rules:

1) A station is to be disinfected every three hours, and the subway cars are to be sanitised each time a train makes a full route. 

2) The subway personnel are to keep an eye on people at the entrance. If needed, some passengers may be asked to have their temperature measured. 

3) The subway personnel and the passengers are obliged to wear masks or respirators.  

4) Each person is to keep a distance of 1.5 metres when lining up to a ticket window or waiting for a train. 

5) The stations can be timely closed off in order to avoid large crowds of people. 

6) If a station gets overcrowded with people, then the entrance will be partially or fully closed off.

These rules do slow down the work of the subway but it wouldn’t be open otherwise. We must take small steps in order to avoid big mistakes. At least there are more options to get to the places you need to be as every single subway line is open. 

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