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The Beautiful Faces of Kyiv

The Beautiful Faces of Kyiv

Kyiv is full of life. All you need to do is ride the metro and you are thrust into a microcosm of the realities of the Ukrainian capital. Perhaps you run into your ex, or a school-bully, or perhaps you’re just faced with someone’s not-so-fresh armpits at rush hour. Regardless, Kyiv is full of extraordinary, funny, and beautiful human beings, and we want to introduce a few to you.

On average, the Kyiv metro transports more than 1.4 million people every day!
Statistics show that almost 55% of Ukrainians do not work in the profession for which they have a degree. Most surveyed say they can’t find a job based on their diploma

As I was riding the tube one day this month, I ran into a girl at the Darnytsia station with a beautiful puffer down-filled coat, who goes by Natalka. A psychologist by education, an educator and nanny by profession, and a princess at heart. Not only does her vibrant pink hair make people smile, she is just as lovely in person

Where are you headed right now?

I am actually going to work.

Do you like your life?

I enjoy working with small children, so yes.

Tell me about your hair.

Hmmm… I’ve always wanted to be a bit of a pink princess, y’know, and when I had the possibility – I decided it was time! And I decided that 16 February was THE DAY!

Are you going to vote in this election?

Yes! Absolutely. And I encourage all of my friends also.

And do you know who you will vote for?

Actually, I am still thinking.

If you were running for president what would your main promise be?

Jeez… I would never run for president.

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