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Papa Feta – Greek Restaurant in Kyiv

Papa Feta – Greek Restaurant in Kyiv

Ah Greece, it’s quite possibly the best place to relax during the summer. It has everything: great food, wine, the sea, spectacular views and no clouds whatsoever. Sadly though this year, going anywhere is a bit problematic. But don’t despair, if you want to experience Greece, at least in spirit- Papa Feta is here for you. 

At Papa Feta, you’ll find fantastic authentic Greek food and a beautiful terrace overlooking Kyiv. It may not be the greek islands, but we still think the Kyiv skyline is quite spectacular.  

Go hungry and be ready to be impressed. As a big fan of Greek food, I was a bit disappointed to find that they don’t have Gyros. But that feeling was quickly overshadowed by everything else they have on the menu. My dinner of choice would be as follows: Souvlaki, Tirosalata, Ouzo, and of course tzatziki. You might ask for Karidopita for desert too. What will you choose?


Papa Feta

Lobanovskyi Ave 56
Soloymyanski district
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How to get there: take the bus 239, 42D, or 119 and get off at the Andriia Holovka street stop

Price: $$

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