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Pink Ukrainian?

Pink Ukrainian?

By their listeners, they are known as the Ukrainian Pink Floyd. This little-known but promising group from Kharkiv, La Horsa Bianca, has released its second full-length album, Oneiric Numeric.

“Just like the first album, we recorded this ourselves, learned from our previous mistakes, made some new ones, all in due course. We tried some new approaches to recording, too, like layering multiple organs and synths in Olga’s parts – in unison – to achieve new timbres. Or preparing a Zimmerman baby grand piano with screws, bass strings, and a stack of sheet music to use in Itic. The piano sustained no damage, though! We also added more saxophones and flute, played by Eugene, to spice things up in places,” says the band about this latest work.

In this album you can find psychedelic tendencies, sophisticated arrangements with elements of art rock, and, of course, a little bit of experimental academic music. But unlike the first album from the group, Somatic Schematic, there aren’t any vocals in it. According to the band, the vocal part of a song isn’t too important, it’s just another instrument, like a guitar or fortepiano. The group, however, promises to continue releasing songs with vocals in the future

The name Oneiric Numeric is a link to the first album’s title, Somatic Schematic. Compositions on the new LP started taking shape from the moment the first track had finally been recorded, so there is a sort of symmetry between releases.

The tracks were recorded at Digout studio in Kharkiv over 2018-2019, with Yevgen Manko and Firefret overseeing the recording process.

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