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Seal Comes to Ukraine

Seal Comes to Ukraine

No, not the Navy SEAL, but the British singer and four-time Grammy award winner Seal. He will perform at the 2021 @leopolisjazz.

His career spans two decades, and his voice is remarkable. Through his one-of-a-kind baritone he cemented himself as a successful songwriter and singer in many genres. With some of his hits including “Killer”, “Crazy”, and “Kiss from a Rose”, Seal is a well-known name worldwide.

Born in Paddington in London in 1963, Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, aka Seal, had a difficult childhood. In retrospect, he has said that part of his life has had the most impact on his life. At age 15, he ran away from home and finished university as an architect. He worked many jobs and finally joined a British punk group to tour Japan. This gave him a solid start to his music career, but he was only “big in Japan”, a term for a band that isn’t particularly well-known in other parts of the world. Though this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing — it still said something about the performer.

Soon after, he moved back and in 1991 released his first album. Received well by critics, the album ended up 24th on the charts and sold three million copies. In 1992, Seal won best British performer on the BRIT Awards, and his album was named album of the year.

Clearly, Seal is very much anticipated in Ukraine, and many jazz lovers will be thrilled about the performance in 2021.

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