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The Last Bit of Summer

The Last Bit of Summer

We hate to say it, but we’re nearing the end of summer. If you’re as reluctant as we are, here are some suggestions on where to go this week and relax:


  • Jah Khalib at Osocor Residence

When:Tuesday 18 August at 18:00 

Jah Khalib is an extremely talented author and performer, a native of Kazakhstan. He has many solo releases that have become hits, numerous bookings, and is a seasoned performer.

  • Performance Be from Below in Freedom Hall Kyiv 

When: 19 August at 20:00 

A woman-goddess and a woman-slave met at a regular training about happiness. This is the storyline of the unique play “Be from Below”. How to eat / drink / talk / what to wear / think to please a man? Advertising promises to teach all this to gullible girls in free courses. But that takes the turn for the worst when they find out that in real life it turns out that not all colourful ads tell the truth … 18+.

  • Molodist international film festival at Zhovten Theater 

When: 22 August 2020 

The oldest and most recognised film festival in modern Ukraine, you’re bound to find something that suits. Molodist also has some great pictures on offer. 551 full feature films, 928 short films, 1589 fiction films, 402 documentariez. You name it they probably have it. 

  • Play Instinct at the New Ukrainian Theatre (upper stage)

When: August 21 at 19:00 

Written by Olga Kobylanska, this erotic and modern play explores the theme of love in an unusual way. Through perspectives, Kobylanska asks if there is more to love than just pure instinct? 

  • Jazz for adults with Alexey Kogan in Caribbean Club 

When: August 18 at 19:00 

Famous Ukrainian bass guitar player Alexey Kogan is giving the last jazz concert of his summer series. A chamber performance gives the most authentic experience. Combined with the virtuoso playing of the band, it’s a performance not to miss. 

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