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Stay Cool with Summer

Stay Cool with Summer

What’s the best way to spend a summer weekend? Although What’s On cannot claim to give you the definitive answer to this existential question, we are glad to share our tips for getting outside and getting active in and around the capital

Two Wheels or Two Legs

If you want to feel the wind in your hair and hear birdsong and the crunch of twigs under tyres, then it’s time to get on your bike. If you ride fast enough, even the hottest day doesn’t seem so bad. Road cycling is not recommended here (Kyiv isn’t quite Amsterdam in this respect), but in the city’s parks it’s a different story. If you don’t have your own bike, there are numerous rental services available on site (be prepared to leave a deposit of 500 – 1 000 UAH, plus a form of ID, such as a passport).

In addition to bicycles, Trukhaniv Island and Holosiivskyi Park both offer fresh air, trees, and the opportunity to have a picnic by the water. On weekdays, Holosiivskyi Park is the more attractive option. Closer to the city centre, it is very green, zig-zagged by cycle paths, with several ponds at its heart. For the weekend, we recommend Trukhaniv Island. Since it’s several times larger, it doesn’t feel so crowded, and hence is more convenient for cycling at peak time. There are some snack bars on the island, but if you’d prefer a picnic, it’s best to come prepared – grocery shops in the surrounding area are scarce. Meanwhile, Holosiivskyi Park is home to the wonderful Praha restaurant.

Rent a Bicycle:

Holosiivskyi Park (Near the entrance to the Exhibition Centre (VDNKh)

75-150 UAH per hour

Rent a scooter for 75-150 UAH per hour

Trukhaniv Island (Just after the bridge, or at the Zenit Sports Complex)
120 UAH per hour

Park Muromets
100 UAH per hour

Check out these links for more information

Akademika Hlushkova 1

+380 44 526 9990

Dive from the Sky

The aircraft engine is buzzing, your heart is pounding in your chest, and you’re about to take a step into uncharted emotional territory. If the thought of this gets you excited, you can head for one of the skydiving clubs around Kyiv for a tandem or solo skydive. After 1-2 hours’ preparation, you’ll jump with an instructor from a height of about 4 000m. A solo jump (from around 1 000m) takes a bit more preparation. It’s essential to bring some form of identification (e.g. a passport) as well as comfortable weather-appropriate clothing (don’t turn up in your Sunday best). Go for soft, closed-toe shoes that will stay on your feet during the freefall – sneakers are a good bet.



Borodyanka Aerodrome, Kyiv region

3 500 – 3 800 UAH (tandem jump)
1 100 – 2 000 UAH (solo jump)
+380 95 330 4726

Chaika Aeroclub
Antonova 5, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region

3 800 UAH (tandem jump)
+380 67 426 6426

Progress Aerodrome
Progress, near Pidlisne village, Chernihiv region (on highway M01)

3 300 UAH (tandem jump)
1 000 UAH (solo jump)
+380 50 559 9432

Take a Leap

Bungee jumping is a relatively new addition to the Kyiv leisure scene. The sport has a long history – originally a coming-of-age ritual in the Pacific Islands and South America, it only arrived in Europe in the late 20th century, and is available on the pedestrian bridge to Trukhaniv Island. It’s not as scary or difficult as it looks, and the feeling of freefall during the first five seconds is beautiful. If you’ve had a bad day (or month or year), this could be the summer sport for you. According to those who have tried, it’s just impossible to be sad after a bungee jump.



The Bungee Crew

Parkovyi Bridge (or Pedestrian Bridge) between Poshtova Ploshcha and Trukhaniv Island

200 – 400 UAH,

Get Wet

We have great news for water sports enthusiasts: Kyiv is simply awash with options, thanks to its location on the Dnipro. Nothing beats peacefully kayaking around the river’s islands and inlets or cutting the waves at top speed on a wakeboard. (Wakeboarding lifehack: to get onto the board easily, just angle it at 45 degrees while the jet ski is gaining momentum, with your supporting leg behind you. And if you can’t handle the speed, just let go of the rope.)

There are kayaks and SUPs (stand-up paddle boards) aplenty at Hydropark, Trukhaniv Island, and X-Park (where you can also try wakeboarding). A more luxurious option for wakeboarding can be found at Olmeca Plage, where you can also enjoy a well-earned rest by the pool. Alternatively, if yachting is more your thing, there are many options available at the Royal River Yacht Club at Livoberezhna.


Park Muromets

Kayak 90-180 UAH per hour;
SUP from 120 UAH
Wakeboard from 400 UAH

+380 44 229 2617
+380 63 136 2585
+380 50 411 9828

Olmeca Plage
Brovarskyi Prospekt 5m (on Dolobetskyi island – accessible by car from Pivnichnyi Bridge or on foot from Hydropark metro station, after Venetsianskyi Bridge)

200 UAH per hour (basic package)
250 UAH (including jet ski and driver)

+380 67 445 6352
+380 96 444 0404

Royal River Yacht Club
Raisy Okipnoi 26

60 – 500 USD per hour

+380 67 922 2223
+380 98 477 7774

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