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The Best Hidden Gems to Visit in UA: Churches Around Kyiv Oblast

The Best Hidden Gems to Visit in UA: Churches Around Kyiv Oblast

Summer is the perfect time to set off on an exciting weekend adventure. There are plenty of places to visit around Kyiv where you can escape the pollution, take a breath of fresh air, and bask in the summer scenery. Your next trip: a checklist of fascinating churches outside of Kyiv you can visit over a single weekend.


The Flooded Church 

The Flooded Church (aka the Transfiguration Church) in Rzhyshchiv will captivate you with its rich history and picturesque views. Located about 80 km from Kyiv, it’s an affordable and accessible destination for a weekend trip. An interesting fact: as seen on the map, the church is situated on an island — the area surrounding the church was once a village named Husintsy, which was completely flooded with the construction of the Kaniv Reservoir, leaving only a few parts above water that now remain as islands. The Ukrainian Baroque style church was built by a wealthy landlord, Husynskiy, back in 1822. You can only imagine how many events this brick structure has endured, but it still stands tall, awaiting visitors that come on boats or via the newly-built bridge. The view from the church’s premises is majestic and mystifying. You can book a one-day trip via or plan it yourself. Either way, the experience is going to be perfect.

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St Clara’s Church at Horodkivka

Do you want to discover more architectural monuments with neo-gothic and modern elements? Then St. Clara’s Church is what you’re looking for. 

This hidden gem is located in Horodkivka village in the Zhytomyr region, about 150 km from Kyiv. The church overlooks a small lake and sits within a charming, picturesque setting. The overall vibe of the place mesmerises tourists as well as religious visitors with its medieval atmosphere and appearance. The church is made from stones and red bricks while the roof is built from polish red tiles. The original idea for its construction was conveyed in Clara Ivanovsky’s testament to her son. Completed in 1913, to this day it still functions as a Roman Catholic site.

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Hidden Men’s Cave Monastery at Buda Village

The Kyiv region holds a lot of secret, untouched places. One of these is the Men’s Cave Monastery in Buda, Taraschanskyi district, which was only recently discovered at the beginning of 2000. The locals believe that monks hid monastic treasures in it, though nothing has been found yet. The cave monastery is still an archaeological dig site. 

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*There are many guides in Kyiv available that can take you out to these locations, otherwise, readers travel at their own risk.   

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