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The Voice of Water

The Voice of Water

A free  DakhaBrakha, ONUKA, The Maneken, and Katya Chilly concert will be held at Kontraktova ploshcha.

Live sound

The first symphony, created by natural water together with famous Ukrainian musicians THEMANEKEN, ONUKA, DAKHA BRAKHA, and KATYA CHILLY, will be performed on March 23. A musical art performance “The Voice of Water” from Morshynska will be held on Kontraktova Square. It will be supported by live performances of all project participants and a great light show from Front Pictures.

Especially for “the Voice of Water” project, unique musical instruments were created with the live natural water. The Carpathian waterfalls, mountain rivers, and lakes play its melody.

A video shooting has taken place in 12 location throughout Western Ukraine, and each of the musicians chose his own spot, which was close to him in mood and attitude. For example, KATYA CHILLY liked the Manyavsky Falls, DAKHA BRAKHA chose the Dovbush Trail near Yaremche. ONUKA and THE MANEKEN were at Svydovetsky ridge, Dogaska lake.

Come and hear the first symphony created by natural water and people!

23 March at 19.30
Kontraktova Square
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