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Art & Family (February-March)

Art & Family (February-March)

8 February – 30 March
Tsekh Art Gallery (Kyrylivska 69)

Discover the many sided sense of solitude visiting this existential exhibition by Rustam Mirzoev. Appreciate the richness of his grey colour palette decorated with tiny dazzling stones as the highlights. The way the artist speaks aims directly at the main concept: a chance to extract non-obvious aspects of human life from the mundane. Solitude is about being honest with yourself.


Avant-garde: in Search of the Fourth Dimension
15 December – 6 April
M17 Contemporary Art Center (Antonovycha 102-104)
100 UAH

How the Lion and the Turtle Sang a Song
16 February at 12.00
New Ukrainian Theatre (Mykhailivska 24)
150 UAH

Cinderella. Sand Show Fairytale
16 February at 14.00
Kyiv House of Cinema (Saksaganskoho 6)
100 UAH

The Dwarf Nose
17 February at 17.00
Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre (Nebesnoi Sotni 1a)
80 UAH

Filming a Movie
23 February at 15.00
Creative Association 1000letie (Hryhorenka 26a)
290 UAH

24 February at 16.00
Teleport360 (Akademika Hlushkova 1 p10)
250 UAH

Borysivska Ikona
21 December – 25 February
Ivan Honchar Museum (Lavrska 19)
30 UAH

Yavlennia. Pamiatky Bratskoho Monastyria (Appearance. Monuments of the Bratsky Monastery)
23 December – 31 March
National Art Museum (Nebesnoi Sotni 6)
10 – 40 UAH

For Dessert
27 December – 31 March
Khanenko Art Museum (Tereshchenkivska 15)
27 UAH

Florian Yuriev. Modus Coloris Sintez
25 January – 17 March
National Art Museum (Nebesnoi Sotni 6)
10 –40 UAH

Armed and Dangerous
31 January – 17 March
IZONE (Naberezhno-Luhova 8)

Mother For a Little Mammoth
28 February at 17.00
Kyiv Municipal Academic Puppet Theatre (Myropilska 1)
70 UAH

Your Shadow
3 March at 19.00
Kyiv Conservatory (Arkhitektora Horodetskoho 1-3/11)

The Teulis Shadow Theatre is all about creating fantasies from the shadows of human bodies. The main characters of the show are chasing a dream to create their own film. During their journey, you will be immersed in a world of memories and real-life situations. After all the twists and turns, perhaps their dream will come true. Incredible choreography and magical scenery will capture your attention, while interaction with the audience gives you the viewer, the opportunity to take part in the show.

190 UAH

Thing-Off-Itself. Lucy Ivanova
30 January – 5 March
The Naked Room (Reitarska 21)

Lucy Ivanova is an ambitious young artist whose personal exhibition is a must see. Here, traditional forms of painting are transformed into contemporary art. Ivanova conveys her messages via ‘oil on canvas’. Some may consider her works obvious, but they’re actually deeper than they seem. Routine becomes new and sensual, in a way that disturbing colours hint at extraordinariness. Ivanova’s art is an appeal for us to notice the signs around us.


Aladdin’s Lamp
3 March at 12.00
Kyiv National Academic Operetta Theatre
(V Vasylkivska 53/3)
30 UAH

Black and White, German Circus
8 March at 18.00
National Circus of Ukraine (Peremohy 2)
100 UAH

The Twelve Months
14 March at 15.00
Kyiv Theatre of Opera and Ballet for Children and Youth (Mezhyhіrska 2)
50 – 90 UAH



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